Day 23

Working through the edit and picture layouts of Avalon ~ The Glastonbury Zine, it has become obvious that to keep costs low in the production of the zine I will have to lose a fair few images from the publication. Primarily, the lost images (which could very well be published in further editions of the zine) will be from the miscellaneous Glastonbury photography sections that I had originally planned to separate each of the publication's articles. Escaping this first image cull is the below pic of yours truly collecting water from the Red Spring outside Chalice Well Gardens:

The reason for its inclusion? Well, I thought it proved a nice addition to my introduction to the zine. I can promise, that this will be the only pic of me to feature in this first zine so, please, don't let it put you off purchasing a copy or, even better, getting involved with the production of issue 2 of Avalon ~ the Glastonbury Zine...


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